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From Santa Clause <>
Subject Search Question
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 01:07:05 GMT
Hello all,
  I have a how-to question. I have a field with these tokens in it (a b c f b g a) and I am
searching on it with these tokens (a f e g a). So far this is easy I just set up a BooleanQuery
with a bunch of optional TermQueries and get hits on (a f g a) but not (e) which is close
to what I want. Now the part I am having difficulties with, I want to only find document that
have those search tokens in order. Search (a f e g a) gets a hit, search (a f g e a) would
not. A PhraseQuery expects all the search terms to be there but is close to what I want. Currently
I do the set of TermQueries then filter out any document that does not have the terms in the
right order as I am displaying them. I do not cycle through the entire Hits object, just enough
to get something to display This works but then I never know the real count of found documents
without going through all of them, which is slow. The option I am pondering is writing my
own Query object but I'd rather find an easier
 solution. Any thoughts?

Richard K.

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