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From "Alexey Lef" <>
Subject RE: Using ParallelReader over large immutable index and small updatable index
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 01:54:01 GMT
We use MultiSearcher for a similar scenario. This way you can keep the Searcher/Reader for
the read-only index alive and refresh the small index Searcher whenever an update is made.
If you have any cached filters, they are mapped to a Reader, so the cached filters for the
big index will stay alive as well. The only (small) problem I have found so far is how MultiSearcher
handles custom Similarity (see 

Hope this helps,


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From: Andy Liu [] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 3:34 PM
Subject: Using ParallelReader over large immutable index and small updatable index

Is there a working solution out there that would let me use ParallelReader
to search over a large, immutable index and a smaller, auxillary index that
is updated frequently?  Currently, from my understanding, the ParallelReader
fails when one of the indexes is updated because the document ID's get out
of synch.  Using ParallelReader in this way is attractive for me because it
would allow me to quickly make updates to only the fields that change.

The alternative is to use one index.  However, an update would require me to
delete the entire document (which is quite large in my application) and
reinsert it after making updates.  This requires a lot more I/O and is a lot
slower, and I'd like to avoid this if possible.

I can think of other alternatives, but all involve storing data and/or
bitsets in memory, which is not very scalable.  I need to be able to handle
millions of documents.

I'm also open to any solution that don't involve ParallelReader that would
help me make quick updates in the most non-disruptive and scalable fashion.
But it just seems that ParallelReader would be perfect for me needs, if I
can get past this issue.

I've seen posts about this issue on the list, but nothing pointing to a
solution.  Can somebody help me out?


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