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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: using DisjunctionMaxQuery
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 20:20:18 GMT

: First, a quick check on how to use it.
: I tried looking for javadocs, and the mailing list archive, but could not
: find much.

the javadocs seem pretty clear to me...

"A query that generates the union of documents produced by its subqueries,
and that scores each document with the maximum score for that document as
produced by any subquery, plus a tie breaking increment for any additional
matching subqueries."

It's not really clear to me what exactly you are doing, but pased on this

: Should I be adding the individual Boolean sub-queries to the disMaxQuery ?

...DisjunctionMaxQuery is definitely intended for you to be adding
multiple sub-queries directly to it -- if you only add() one Query to your
disMaxQuery then it's effectively a No-Op.

: When I search, I still see the same term being matched in multiple fields in
: the explain output.

for the record: an Explanation for a DisjunctionMaxQuery is still going to
show you the term being matched in all of those fields -- but it's also
going to make it clear that the score is the max + the tiebreaker times
the sum of the others.  (even if tieBreakerMultiplier is 0, you'll still
see all of hte other subqueries in the Explanation)

if you have suggestions on improving the javaocs, by all means please open
a Jira issue and submit your suggestions there -- Users who struggle with
the existing documentation are the best source of better documentation.


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