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From Don.Re...@BIPT.COM
Subject Newbie question...
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:30:34 GMT

Sorry if this has been explained before, but could not find anything using 
the user archive search...

I understand the concept of the fields.  What is not clear is if an 
document must have all fields that are used in the index or not.  Now let 
me clarify that some,  lets say that there are N types of information that 
I want to search against, but these types do not lend themselves to 
exactly the same fields.  Kind of like one index that is for a animal 
database and a car database.  There are common fields and there are fields 
that are unique to each data type.  While you may want to look for 
'Mustang' and return hits for both a horse and a ford, you may also want 
to look for something unique to the horse.  In this example can you define 
fields that are only used for one type data but not the other?  I do 
understand that I could define generic field names and assign data to 
them, but I would like the field name to lend meaning to the search.  I 
guess the alternative is to create N indices and search across then and 
merge the results.  Just not sure how to proceed at this time.


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