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From karl wettin <>
Subject Re: how to define a pool for Searcher?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 12:30:33 GMT

25 feb 2007 kl. 06.04 skrev Mohammad Norouzi:

> still I dont know ehrthrt the reader is important for Hits or  
> Searcher?
> consider I passed a hits to my ResultSet, now, if I close searcher,  
> will the
> Reader get closed?  or another vague thing is can a Reader work thread
> safely for every Searcher with differenet queries?

I'm not completely sure what you are asking, so I hope this helps:

If you passed a Directory to the IndexSearcher constructor the  
IndexReader within will be created at IndexSearcher construction time  
and closed at IndexSearcher close time.

If you passed an IndexReader to the IndexSearcher constructor, then  
the IndexReader will not be closed when the IndexSearcher closes. If  
you do it this way be careful not to leave unused open IndexReader:s  
around, as they consume memory.

An IndexSearcher requires the IndexReader associated with it to be  
open, and the same goes for any Hits produced by that IndexSearcher.  
However, the results in Hits are cached, so even if you close the  
IndexReader you will be able to access the top n accessed documents.  
You will always be able to access the document numbers and their  
score, as that does not require any access of the IndexReader. I.e.  
accessing documents from Hits requires an open IndexReader.


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