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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Multiword Highlighting
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 23:56:33 GMT
Good catch Erick! I'll have to tackle this as well. Mark H is the 
originator of that code so maybe he will chime in, but what I am think 
is this:

In the getSpansFromBooleanquery, keep track of which clauses are 
required. Then based on if any Spans are actually returned from 
getSpansFromTerm for each required clause, add only the correct spans to 
the returned spans. If you get what I mean <g>. I am sure there are some 
more cases than that to consider, but I think the direction might work.

If you don't tackle it or can't share I'll be doing it myself.

- Mark

Erick Erickson wrote:
> I hope you're all following this old thread, because I've just run into
> something I don't quite know what to do about with the SpansExtractor 
> code
> that I shamelessly stole.
> Let's say my text is "a b c d e f g h" and my query is "a AND z". The
> implementation I stole for SpansExtractor (mentioned several times in 
> this
> thread) returns a span for "a" which doesn't preserve the sense of the
> query. The root of the problem is that when it gets down to assembling 
> the
> getSpansFromTermQuery, the sense of "AND" is lost and I get span for 
> the "a"
> in the query.
> The rest of the kinds of spans don't seem to have the same issue. OR 
> should
> return the "a" in the example above. Any phrase queries that come through
> work fine. In fact, our application requires that we have an implied
> proximity, mostly anyway, so I haven't had to deal with this until 
> now.....
> One way, it seems to me, to handle this would be to transform the query
> above into a span query with a limit of 10,000, where 10,000 is a magic
> number that I'm confident is OK in my application because of the
> PositionIncrementGaps I set up during indexing.
> Is there a more elegant way of doing this? Or am I missing the boat
> entirely? Or did I mess up when I stole the code?
> Or, and this would be the easiest for me at least, has this work already
> been done and all I really need to do is get a different 
> implementation of
> SpansExtractor <G>?
> Thanks
> Erick
> On 2/2/07, Mark Miller <> wrote:
>> mark harwood wrote:
>> > Hi Mark,
>> > Have you looked at the returned spans from any other potential problem
>> scenarios (other than the 3 word one you suggest) e.g. complex nested
>> "SpanOr" or "SpanNot" logic?
>> >
>> Nothing super intense, but I haved look at some semi complex nesting and
>> it all looks great if you use the full span highlighting...highlighting
>> the first and last word of the span only works great if your limited to
>> word to word proximity searching (like in my parser <G> works great for
>> my sentence and paragraph proximity searching, though i had to add the
>> option of hiding my index marker tokens from the output)
>> Perhaps you know of something that I haven't run into that may not
>> highlight correctly ?
>> > Can you attach your code to a new Jira entry so I can have a play?
>> >
>> >
>> I certainly will.
>> - Mark
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