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From John Haxby <>
Subject Re: Building lucene index using 100 Gb Mobile HardDisk
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 12:13:15 GMT
maureen tanuwidjaja wrote:
> Oh is it?I didn't know about Is it means I cant use this Mobile HDD..
> Damien McCarthy <> wrote:  FAT 32 imposes a lower file
size limitation than NTF. Attempts to create
> files greater that 4Gig on FAT32 will throw error you are seeing.
Not at all, you just need to re-format the disk using a sensible file 
system.   If you're using Linux, that's ext3, if you're using Windows, NTFS.

If you have data on there you really want to keep and you can't back it 
up elsewhere while you do the re-format, then hunt down "gparted" -- it 
has a live CD that you can use to grow, shrink and move partitions so 
you'll be able to move stuff around your mobile disk while you shrink 
the FAT32 partition and grow the NTFS partition.  The shrink/grow/move 
cycle can take several hours though, depending on how often you have to 
do it (which in turn depends on how full the disk is).


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