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From Ridzwan Aminuddin <>
Subject Lucene 1.4.3 : IndexWriter.addDocument(doc) fails when run on OS requiring permissions
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 08:20:12 GMT

I'm writing a java program that uses Lucene 1.4.3 to index and create a vector file of words
found in Text Files. The purpose is for text mining.

I created a Java .Jar file from my program and my python script calls the Java Jar executable.
This is all triggered by my DTML code.

I'm running on Linux and i have no problem executing the script when i execute via command
line. But once i trigger the script via the web (using Zope/Plone external methods ) it doesn't
work anymore. This is because of the strict permissions that LInux has over its files and

I've narrowed down the problem to the IndexWriter.addDocument(doc) method in Lucene 1.4.3
and as you can see below my code fails specifically when a new FieldsWriter object is being

I strongly suspect that it fails at this point but have no idea how to overcome this problem.
I know that it has to do with the permissions because th eprogram works like a miracle when
it is called via command line by the super user (sudo).

Could anyone give me any pointers or ideas of how i could overcome this.

The final statement which is printed before the program hangs is:
"Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (4)"

Here is the portions of my relevant code :

//			Indexer.Java // This is my own method and class
        // continued from some other code......

	Document doc = new Document();

        doc.add(Field.Text("articleTitle", articleTitle, true));
        doc.add(Field.Text("articleURL", articleURL, true));
        doc.add(Field.Text("articleSummary", articleSummary, true));
        doc.add(Field.Text("articleDate", articleDate, true));
        doc.add(Field.Text("articleSource", articleSource, true));
        doc.add(Field.Text("articleBody", articleBody, true));
        doc.add(Field.Keyword("filename", f.getCanonicalPath()));
                    writer.addDocument(doc); // indexing fails because this statement cannot
be executed


                catch (Exception e)

                    System.err.println ("Cannot add doc exception thrown!");


//			IndexWriter.Java // Lucene 1.4.3

public void addDocument(Document doc) throws IOException {

      addDocument(doc, analyzer);

public void addDocument(Document doc, Analyzer analyzer) throws IOException {
    DocumentWriter dw;  
    dw = new DocumentWriter(ramDirectory, analyzer, similarity, maxFieldLength);
    String segmentName = newSegmentName();
    dw.addDocument(segmentName, doc);      		// The program fails to execute this line onwards!

    synchronized (this) {

      segmentInfos.addElement(new SegmentInfo(segmentName, 1, ramDirectory));


//			DocumentWriter.Java // Lucene 1.4.3

final void addDocument(String segment, Document doc)
            throws IOException {
      System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (1)");
    // write field names
    fieldInfos = new FieldInfos();
      System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (2)");

          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (3)");

    fieldInfos.write(directory, segment + ".fnm");

          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (4)");  // The program
fails after this 

    // write field values
    FieldsWriter fieldsWriter =
            new FieldsWriter(directory, segment, fieldInfos);			// Program fails to execute
this statement
          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (5)");

    try {

      System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (6)");
    } finally {
            System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (7)");


          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (8)");

    // invert doc into postingTable
    postingTable.clear();			  // clear postingTable
    fieldLengths = new int[fieldInfos.size()];    // init fieldLengths
    fieldPositions = new int[fieldInfos.size()];  // init fieldPositions

          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (9)");

    fieldBoosts = new float[fieldInfos.size()];	  // init fieldBoosts
    Arrays.fill(fieldBoosts, doc.getBoost());

          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (10)");


          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (11)");

    // sort postingTable into an array
    Posting[] postings = sortPostingTable();

          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (12)");

    for (int i = 0; i < postings.length; i++) {
      Posting posting = postings[i];
      System.out.print(" freq=" + posting.freq);
      System.out.print(" pos=");
      for (int j = 1; j < posting.freq; j++)
	System.out.print("," + posting.positions[j]);

    // write postings
    writePostings(postings, segment);

          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (13)");

    // write norms of indexed fields
    writeNorms(doc, segment);

          System.out.println("Entering DocumentWriter.AddDocument.... (14)");


//			FieldsWriter.Java // Lucene 1.4.3

  FieldsWriter(Directory d, String segment, FieldInfos fn)
       throws IOException {
    fieldInfos = fn;
    fieldsStream = d.createFile(segment + ".fdt");
    indexStream = d.createFile(segment + ".fdx");

//			FSDirectory.Java // Lucene 1.4.3

public final OutputStream createFile(String name) throws IOException {
      System.out.println("Entering FSDirectory.createFile.... returning an OutputStream");

    return new FSOutputStream(new File(directory, name));

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