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From "Michael McCandless" <>
Subject Re: Optimizing Index
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 10:54:01 GMT

"maureen tanuwidjaja" wrote:

>   I had an exsisting index file with the size 20.6 GB...I havent done any
>   optimization in this index yet.Now I had a HDD of 100 GB,but apparently
>   when I create program to optimize(which simply calls writer.optimize()
>   to this indexfile),it gives the error that there is not enough space on
>   the disk.
>   I read that the size needed to optimize the index is twice as the
>   original index size...then it should be around 40 GB instead...I
>   confuse why the size of 100 GB is insufficient to do the
>   optimization...

Does your disk only have this index?  Ie 100 GB - 20.6 = 79.4 GB of
free space?

Do you have reader(s) open on the index when you kick off the
optimize?  If so then the temporary free space required is 2X the size
of the index (41.2 GB in your case).

Worse, if your readers are refreshing during the optimize (eg because
on IndexReader.isCurrent() returned false) even more temporary disk
space can be tied up.  This is a case LUCENE-710 aims to fix (adding
"commit only on close" to IndexWriter).  The workaround for now is to
create app level logic to ensure readers never refresh during

If you don't have readers then you really should only need 1X
additional free space at the start of optimize (20.6 GB free in your
case) so I'm baffled why 79.4 GB would not be enough.


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