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From sashaman <>
Subject Remote Searcher performance and Document retrieval
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 22:08:43 GMT

I have a question about the performance of the following Lucene setup:

I have a MultiSearcher that contains 3 RemoteSearchables that point to
IndexSearchables on 3 different boxes, and each index contains about 20,000
docs. When an end user runs a search, results are displayed with 20 hits per
page, and each hits shows about 10 fields from the document. My issue is
that the remote protocol used to retrieve the Hits appears to be very
chatty, requiring one remote network call for each Hit retrieved (that is,
each call to Hits.doc(n) ends up making an individual remote call). Thus, to
display a result page to an end user, there are 3 remote search() calls (one
for each index) and 20 remote doc() calls. When I added some performance
monitoring logging to my code, I found that for each results page retrieving
the Documents took more than twice as long as the actual search() call.

It seems like things would be much more performant if instead there were a
method like "Document[][] docIds)" (and a corresponding method
on the Searcher "Document[][] docIds)") that could return
a bulk set of Documents at once. This way I would only need to make one
remote call to each index for each page of results.

Can anyone comment on this performance issue? Am I doing something wrong, or
there is some other way I can retrieve Documents faster when using a Remote

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