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From "Eric Haszlakiewicz" <>
Subject help finding docs, creating analyzer objects
Date Tue, 26 Dec 2006 19:33:49 GMT

I'm been having a hard time finding any kind of reasonable
on lucene.  It seems that the javadocs are mostly empty, and the stuff
the wiki really doesn't explain anything.  Is there a better place to
be looking?

So far, I've managed to get some basic stuff working.  Now I'm trying
figure out where to get a spanish analyzer from.  I found a message 
from 2003 where someone tried to contribute one, but it got rejected 
because there's something called a snowball analyzer that supposedly 
supports spanish, but again, I couldn't find any documentation for how
use it.  The closest I could find was a snippet of code that did this:

        Analyzer analyzer = new SnowballAnalyzer("Spanish");
Is that correct?  How do I know what name to pass to the constructor?

I tried building some code with that, but it seems the jar file (lucene
is missing all the snowball stuff.  It doesn't seem to be in the source
zip file
either, so I'm not too surprised that it's not in the jar file, but
you detect a trend here) I couldn't find any documentation about where

to get a complete jar file from.  Where can I get this from?


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