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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: lucene functionality
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 00:04:52 GMT

: > :   For 10 million records We recommend an strong database such as Oracle.
: >
: > eh ... who is "We" in that statement?
:   We are independent consultants working for many years with Oracle databases ;)

And that's a perfectly acceptible answer, i just don't want any first time
Lucene users to read your statement as "we the lucene community recommend
you use a database"

: perfectly, but IMO the problem here is different, I think that the XML
: showed on the example implied that searching a document by the xpath
: /DOCUMENT/[DREREFERENCE=61926433] is like searching in a table by
: primary key, not looking at the inverted index.

that's a matter of perception: you looked at the example XML and felt that
implied searching by xpath in a way that could easily be done using simple
select statments ... i looked at the part of hte question that said...

> (1) Each field is searchable and indexable.

...and I assumed hte real problem is being ableto address use cases like
"find all documents where the DRECONTENT contains the words "Action" and
the words "News" near eachother -- using stemming and other Text Analysys
tricks i may wnat to customize on a per field basis) which make me think
Lucene is a better choice then a straight relational database.

:   Yes, you can build an inverted index for 10 million documents
: perfectly, but the XML documents showed look like a simple relational
: data.

again, perception ... nothing in the question asked about doing relational
queries, so i don't think it's wise to immediately suggest a relational
database as the "recommended" solution.


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