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From "Scott Sellman" <>
Subject Re: Rebuilding index on a regular basis
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 16:44:16 GMT
Note: I have changed the title of this thread to match its content

I am currently facing a similar issue.  I am dealing with a large index
that is constantly used and needs to be updated on a daily basis.  For
fear of corruption I would rather rebuild the index each time,
performing tests against it before using it.  However the problem I am
having is switching in the old index without causing service
interruption.  As long as queries are being made against the index I am
running into locking issues with the index files, preventing me from
putting the new index in place. Any suggestions?

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From: Erick Erickson [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 7:59 AM
Subject: Re: MultiFieldQueryParser doesn't properly filter out documents
when the query string specifies to exclude certain terms

My first question is how many documents would you be deleting on a pass
option 2? If it's 10 documents out of 10,000, I'd consider just deleting
them and re-adding (see IndexModifier).

Personally, if posible, I prefer your first option, building a
new index and switching between them. This is especially useful if
catastrophic happens to the index as you build it and it winds up being
unusable (power failures *do* happen). You can keep using your old index
be happy.

Another question is how quickly the index builds and how soon do your
require that they get up-to-date data?

And remember that no matter what, you must re-open your searcher to see

I'd be really reluctant to remove all the items and re-build the index
several reasons...
1> You wouldn't get the new data being added until you closed/reopened
2> The documents you deleted wouldn't be "gone" until you
your searcher.
3> In the interim, your users wouldn't have access to much of


On 12/20/06, Adam Fleming <> wrote:
> Hello Gentlemen (+Ladies?),
> I'm integrating Lucene into a Spring web-app, and have found a
plethora of
> great web + print resources to make the integration quick and
seamless.  One
> thing that I have been hard-pressed to find is a good solution for
> rebuilding the index on a regular basis.
> I'm curious if a you know of a best-practice (or have found something
> personally that works) for rebuilding a Lucene Index w/o service
> interruptions.  The assumptions are a spring IOC container w/ an
> IndexFactory bean.  I have the project configured to work with both
> FSDirectory and RamDirectory implementations.   If you don't know
> you are free to ignore the details - I'll adapt your comments to my
code :)
> So far I tried rebuilding the index on a regular schedule, but
> only added duplicate documents to an existing index.
> Things I have considered are
> - Using two index directories, and rebuilding one while the other is
>    in use + switching when the rebuilt index is ready.  This would
>    cause the app to alternate between two indexes.
> - Using a single index, and iterating over the index entirely,
>    deleting documents 1 by 1 and re-adding them with fresh data
> - Using a single index, and deleting ALL the documents at once
>    and then adding them all back as quickly as possible.
> All of my proposed ideas seem fly in the face of Lucene's sipmlicity,
> I will be so thankful to be pointed in the right direction.
> Happy Holidays and  a big Thank You to the active list users,
> Adam Fleming
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