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From Martin Braun <>
Subject boosting instead of sorting WAS: to boost or not to boost
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 09:55:59 GMT
Hi Daniel,

>> so a doc from 1973 should get a boost of 1.1973 and a doc of 1975 should
>> get a boost of 1.1975 .
> The boost is stored with a limited resolution. Try boosting one doc by 10, 
> the other one by 20 or something like that.

You're right. I thought that with the float values the resolution should
be good enough!
But there is only a difference in the score with a boosting diff of 0.2
(e.g. 1.7 and 1.9).

I know that there were many questions on the list regarding scoring
better new documents.
But I want to avoid any overhead like "FunctionQuery" at query time,
and in my case I have some documents
which have same values in many fields (=>same score) and the only
difference is the year.

However  I don't want to overboost the score so that the scoring for
other criteria is not considered.

Shortly spoken: As a result of a search I have a list of book titles and
I want  a sort by score AND by year of publication.

But for performance reasons I want to avoid this sorting at query-time
by boosting at index time.

Is that possible?



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