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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: IOException: Access is denied from IndexWriter.Optimize
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 15:12:39 GMT wrote:
> Thank you for quick and detailed answer.
> In this system multiple threads will, occasionally, try to write and/ or 
> read the same index, hence the pause waiting for the lock. This is not a 
> good way to implement it and was done as a temp solution for debug 
> purposes only. Multiple processes may still reach the init of IndexWriter/ 
> IndexReader for the same index at almost the same time. I guess 
> synchronizing some object, giving exclusive access for one IndexReader or 
> IndexWriter to some common index, is a better way to do it.

It's fine if there are multiple readers, but there can only be one

So I think for your case what's important is that you synchronize your
writers.  One simple way to do this is just always try to instantiate
your IndexWriter, catch an IOException, and if the IOException is the
"Lock obtained timed out" with the write lock, assume this means
another writer is writing to the index so loop & try again.

If the IndexWriter is instantiated with no IOException then it got the
write lock and you can proceed to do your indexinging and then close
the writer in a finally clause.

This would mean your current check for whether index is locked is not

> May this be a 
> work around for the parallel writer/ reader problem you describe?

Just to be clear: the specific problem here is if you try to create
(create=true) a new index while readers are reading from that same
index.  You will get IOExceptions in this case with Lucene 2.0 on
Windows, but it will (should!) work with the current trunk.

Note that if you try the trunk, because the index format has changed,
you can't use the resulting index from Lucene 2.0 (you would have to
re-create the index in 2.0).

>  Anyway, I guess I should give the trunc a try first.
> Access is denied has only been reported once. I have 
> not been able to reproduce it. I have some anti virus app running on my 
> machine (Trend Micro Office Scan). This includes a scan of the index dir. 
> Do you think that may cause the problem. Or perhaps some other windows 
> services/ tools accessing the file for some reason (windows indexer)?

This one makes me nervous.  There have been known issues about Access
Denied IOExceptions, some involving other services (indexing service,
google desktop, virus checkers, shell extensions, etc.).  We have been
trying lately (in the trunk) to reduce, when possible, what
functionality Lucene requires of the filesystem, to make sure we play
well with such services.

As far as I know, in the trunk version of Lucene we've addressed all
such known cases.  But your exception doesn't look quite like any of
these.  This is why I'd really like to get to the root cause of your
case, so we can fix it if indeed Lucene is interacting badly with such

It is remotely possible you are hitting this issue (fixed on trunk):

If you upgrade to trunk, and this exception happens again, please
reply back with as much detail as possible!


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