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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Dreaded optimize (again!)
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 18:49:33 GMT
Stanislav Jordanov wrote:

> How much free disk space should be there (with respect to the index 
> size) in order for the optimize to complete successfully?

Good question!

Really this detail should be included in the Javadoc for optimize (and
more generally addDocument, addIndexes(*), etc.).  I will update the
Javadocs of these methods once we work out the answer here.

Optimize actually does a series of IndexWriter.mergeSegments (private
method) calls.  Each call merges the last mergeFactor (default 10)
segments into a single segment, and repeats this until there's 1
segment.  So this question reduces to peak temp disk usage of

That call builds up the new segment by reading all data from each of
the input segments and writing into a new single segment.  Only once
the new segment is fully written to disk, does it then "commit",
meaning it writes a new "segments" or "segments_N" (trunk) file and
then removes the input segments.  So max temp disk usage of this step

     (net size of un-merged segments) +
        (net size of original segments to be merged) +
        (net size of new segment files)

Then if CFS is enabled it makes a CFS file for this new segment.  Max
temp usage of this step is:

     (net size of un-merged segments) +
       2 * (net size of new segment files)

The relative segments sizes are not simple to compute, but I think if
you have no deletes and no separate norms, then the new segment will
generally be a bit smaller than the sum of the input segments (but
this is likely document dependent).

So, with optimize() it's the final call to mergeSegments that will
peak the temp disk usage, because that is the largest merge.  So, I
think the overall answer is: you will need a little more (say 10%)
than 2X your final index size of free space to run optimize.

And expressed instead in terms of size of the index before starting
optimize the answer is: you need 2X the size of the input index in
free disk space, to run optimize.


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