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From Stanislav Jordanov <>
Subject an alternative to optimize?
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 13:11:33 GMT

I've already asked this question but nobody answered:

Suppose we have a relatively big index which is continuously updated - 
i.e. new docs get added while some of the old docs get deleted.
For pragmatic reasons we have a restriction on maxMergeDocs so that 
segment files don't get enormously big.
Consider now a segment of max size (i.e. containing maxMergeDocs docs 
hence not eligible for a merge)
It is possible that (as time passes) this segment will have more and 
more of its docs deleted.
But as it is not merge-able it will remain the same size and with lots 
of "wholes" in it which is bad for performance.
The only way that I am aware of to correct this problem is to invoke 
index optimization, which has several drawbacks:
1. it takes a while to optimize a big index.
2. the optimization process always produces a index comprising of a 
single (extremely) large segment.
We can live with 1.
But 2 is undesirable.
Is there a way to "optimize" (in terms of purging its deleted docs) an 
index or a single segment
without ending up with a single segment index?


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