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From abdul aleem <>
Subject Indexing clarification , please advice
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 13:10:11 GMT
Hello All,

Apolgies if it is a naive question

a) Indexing large file ( more than 4MB ) 
   Do i need to read the entire file as string using and create a Document object ?
   The file contains timestamp, if i need to index on
   timestamp is parsing the entire file manually
(tokenizing) and store the timestamp as document
object is the only way ? or is there any alternatives

b) I need to search the contents of a log file which
is changing rapidly, from initial testing i see if any
changes in the file is not reflected unless it is
*Indexed* again  
   Do we need to index the files always before search
if the content of the file is dynamically changed
  ( log file has a pattern and always logs in a
similar fashion, each time i need to index takes lot
of time as the file is large (approach a )  is there
any work arounds for this ? )    

  I would greatly appreciate if any inputs on the

 Many thanks,


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