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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject Re: Writing and searching same time
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 10:17:37 GMT
On 11/29/06, Java Programmer <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have trouble with writing and searching on lucene index same time,
> all I did so far is making a class which has 2 methods:
> private String indexLocation;
> public void addDocument(int id,String title, String body) throws IOException{
>                 IndexWriter indexWriter = new IndexWriter(indexLocation, new
> SimpleAnalyzer(), false);
>                 Document doc = new Document();
>                 doc.add(new Field("id",Integer.toString(id),Store.YES,Index.NO));
>                 doc.add(new Field("title",title,Store.NO,Index.TOKENIZED));
>                 doc.add(new Field("body",body,Store.NO,Index.TOKENIZED));
>                 indexWriter.addDocument(doc);
>                 indexWriter.close();
> }
> public List<Integer> search(String query) throws IOException, ParseException{
>                 IndexSearcher indexSearcher = new IndexSearcher(indexLocation);
>                 MultiFieldQueryParser queryparser = new MultiFieldQueryParser(new
> String[]{"title","body"}, new SimpleAnalyzer());
>                 Query q = queryparser.parse(query);
>                 Hits hits =;
>                 Iterator it = hits.iterator();
>                 List<Integer> output = new ArrayList<Integer>();
>                 while(it.hasNext()){
>                         output.add(Integer.parseInt(((Hit)"id")));
>                 }
>                 indexSearcher.close();
>                 return output;
> }
> What I don't like is that I have in each method opening IndexWriter
> and IndexSearcher, I try to open them once and keep opened throught
> whole lifecycle of application (which would be very long cause it
> would be search for news working as webservice), but when I wasn't
> close IndexWriter then IndexSearcher wasn't seen any new documents in
> index. Next step was keeping IndexWriter open and reopen only
> IndexSearcher but in this case also IndexSearcher was seen old index
> without new documents. So my final version is this above, but could it
> be better, without closing IndexWriter after each addition, and
> opening IndexSearcher before each search query? What is the best
> pattern of doing such systems?

Hi there, it's quiet a good Idea to keep IndexWriter/Reader(Searcher)
open as long as possible. A quiet nice patter is used by solr and
gdata-server. The indexwriter will be closed after a certain amount of
document have been added to the index or if an timeout exceeded
without any updates inserts. As soon as the writers close method is
called a new index searcher will be opened and released to the
application. If you work in a webapp e.g. in a multithreaded env. you
shout track the references of you searcher to close it if nobody uses
it anymore.
Keeping Searchers and Writers open will result in a much better
performance if it is considerable to have updates and insert invisible
to the searcher for a certain amount of time.

Have a look at this:
--> private ReferenceCounter<IndexSearcher>
getNewServiceSearcher(final Directory dir)

> Another question: do I need provide any synchronization on
> indexWriter.addDocument(doc) method? I see that it isn't synchronized,
> so maybe programmer need to do it himself?
> Best regards,
> Adr
You could queue the document to add to the index to keep your
indexwriter busy. Might be a good idea anyway.

best regards simon
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