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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: 2.1-dev memory leak?
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 23:03:48 GMT

: IndexSearchers open.  The other ones I "let go" without an explicit
: close() call.  The assumption is that the old IndexSearchers "expire",
: that they get garbage collected, as I'm no longer holding references to
: them.

yeah ... that just seems really bad in general, i would try to explicitly
close any searcher your purge from your cache.

: getting GCed as before.  I did not change my logic for creating new
: IndexSearchers (inlined in my previous email).  On the other hand, this
: app has recently started getting a lot more search action, so perhaps
: it's just that the GC is not cleaning things up fast enough....

: I happen to have an lsof output from the same system from July.  I see
: the same thing there - a number of FDs open and pointing to the same
: .cfs index file.  Perhaps it's just that the JVM GC was able to clean
: things up then, and now it can't, because the CPU is maxed out....
: really maxed out.

yeah ... i think you may just be running ino a GC quirk ... with the old
code you didn't need to explicitly close things because they got GCed fast
enough, and now ... not so much.  There was a bug in the last few days
looking at calling close() in a finalizer where Michael noticed some
really odd GC/finalizer behavior just depending on wether a boolean that
was never used was set in a finalizer or not ... ghosts in the machine
dude, gremlins and things.


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