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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Fw: Urgent : Specific search problem with whitespace analyzer
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 19:51:50 GMT

: I have modified the tokenizer class by making it return characters in
: lower case.

there is really no reason to do this ... have your analyzer use the
WhitespaceTokenizer, wrapped in a LowerCaseFilter ... that will illiminate
some of your custom code, and perhaps some of your problems as well.

regarding the rest of your code...

:  masterQuery.add(MultiFieldQueryParser.parse(
:                                                         searchQuery,
:                                                         fields,
:                                                         analyzer),
:                             REQUIRED,
:                             PROHIBITED);
: Here the searchquery is   ISSUE_TITLE:test , fields is the array of fields
: in which ISSUE_TITLE is one of the fields and analyzer is
: WhitespaceAnalyzerMaestro() (already mentioned above).

...there is a lot going on here, some of which you haven't included so we
can't be sure what exactly it is...
  1) have you tested your analyzer in isolation to ensure that it's
     working properly outside of a QueryParser?
  2) have you tried it with a plain QueryParser instead of a MultiFieldQueryParser?
  3) have you verified that fields really contains what you think it does?


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