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From karl wettin <>
Subject Hierarchical classified documents
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2006 01:14:00 GMT
This is an excerpt of my business object class diagram (go fixed font  

0..* |
      V       parent
      |        0..1 |
      | 0..*        |

All business object instances have a unique identifier.

A namespace path could be {1/2/3/4}. Any branch in the path may  
contain documents. I need to be able to place a query that matches  
the documents in {1/2/3} without matching the documents in {1/2/3/4}.  
I also need to need to place queries that match all documents in a  
namespaces recursive.

I can see a number of possible solutions for this, but I was hoping  
for a de facto implementation.

This is the simplest thing I could think of:

  * store full namespace path as one term: "1/2/3"
  * store each namespace identity as on term: "1", "2", "3"

A more complicated implementation would be to use the latter only and  
work with span queries. It would save index size, but would probably  
be more expensive in clock ticks?

I could also limit the depth of a namespace path and store it in  
multiple namespace_branch_N fields and a namespace_leaf field. Did  
not think this one through too much.

Any experience or thoughts?

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