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Subject Re: Query question
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 03:08:01 GMT
I know I am getting very close on this one but can't seem to get the score
above .306.  My guess is that I need to do something different in my
query.  If at all possible, could you take a quick look at my test code
and point me in the correct direction?  I know everyone is very busy, so
any help would be greatly appreciated.

> : 1.) I have data like name="Jeff" lastname="Richley" age="33" and I need
> to
> : be able to query by any combination such as name="Jeff" age="33".  But
> if
> : I query with name="Jeffrey" there is no match.
> :
> : 2.) The name value pairs are not really controlled until the end user is
> : inserting information or querying.  I may have the data from the
> previous
> : example and then have another that has address information and then
> : something totally unrelated such as stock prices.  The point is, I can't
> : guarantee what exactly will be in the data.
> Lucene will fit your needs because of your second point nicely, Documents
> don't need to all have hte same fields.
> as to your first point, and your question about 100% matches, Lucene
> should be able to meet your needs perfectly, you just have to understand
> how to ask it the right question.  lemme give you a quick check list of
> things to keep in mind, and as you dig into the documentation these will
> make more sense...
>  1) Use only UN_TOKENIZED fields when adding your documents, and if you
> use QueryParser to build your queries for you, use the KeywordAnalyzer to
> make sure no lowercasing or stemming takes place.
>  2) OMIT_NORMs when indexing .. they only matter if you want the lengths
> of fields to affect the score, and you don't -- you only want to know if
> it matched or not.
>  3) if you want to require name="jeff" and age="33" make sure you
> construct a query where all clauses are mandatory .. the default in the
> query parser is "SHOULD" meaning only one clause is mandatory, and the
> other clauses increase the score.
> -Hoss
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Jeff Richley, Vice President
Southeast Virginia Java Users Group

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