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From Eric Brown <>
Subject Cached Hits / closing IndexSearcher after add/delete w/IndexModifier
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 10:40:38 GMT
I'm using lucene as a backend for my webservices that provide add,  
remove and search operations. When I add or remove documents via  
IndexModifier, I believe I'm supposed to close the IndexSearcher I  
use for query requests. However, I cache Hits and I believe the  
javadocs indicate closing an IndexSearcher will invalidate the cached  
Hits such that trying to retrieve a doc may throw an exception. So my  
solution is to wrap the IndexSearcher in another class with a  
finalizer that closes the IndexSearcher when all the Hits dereference  
it. My question is whether my cached hits have a solid reference to  
IndexSearcher such that I can rely on it being closed only after I  
expire the Hits from the cache?

Also, should I keep one IndexModifier open for the life of my service/ 
application or should I open and close it when I get new requests to  
add or remove documents? (I don't really have control over batching  
unfortunately -- though I've certainly pointed it out.)


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