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From "Vladimir Olenin" <>
Subject RE: Re: lucene and web services?
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 05:34:41 GMT
You might want to check out:
- Solr (WS & RESTish access to Lucene engine, both search & index)
- DWR (AJAX remote access library. Not really a WS, since communication protocol is not generic
at this point, but works excellent if all you need is access to POJOs from JavaScript; it's
more or less a very good AJAX remoting kit)
- AJAX-RPC or JAVA-AJAX-RPC (don't remeber the name exactly). Similar to DWR, but protocol
is standard JSON. A bit more difficult to use though and has a bit more limitations)


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From: James Rhodes []
Sent: Sun 11/5/2006 12:21 AM
Subject: Re: Re: lucene and web services?
Yeah, I've considered that but I thought it would be pretty nice if I
was able to build something that was transparent to Lucene. I'd like
to use the Hits object itself. I may be complicating something, but
the Hits implementation, at least in concept, seems pretty efficient
and worth keeping. I'm open to the xml approach for sure, but was just
curious if the WS approach was possible. Using the RemoteSearchable
approach works with RMI pretty well.


On 11/4/06, Chris Lu <> wrote:
> Why not render your search results in XML format?
> You can use some templating like Velocity.
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> Chris Lu
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> Instant Full-Text Search On Any Database/Application
> site:
> demo:
> On 11/4/06, James Rhodes <> wrote:
> > Has anyone successfully implemented a web services front end to remotely
> > search a Lucene index? I've tried to do it with the Xfire stuff in
> > MyEclipse, but their default Aegis xml mapping stuff doesn't support the
> > Lucene Hits object. I'd like to avoid searching a remote index via RMI, but
> > for now it works. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Bob
> >
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