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From Øyvind Stegard <>
Subject NFS and Lucene 2.0 status - still troublesome ?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 16:10:54 GMT
Hi Java-Lucene list,

We are using Lucene in our own searchable content-repository solution.
We have started making plans for clustering support in our application,
and this also affects the indexing parts of it.

I've searched the list and have found many references to problems when
using Lucene over NFS. Mostly because of file-based locking, which
doesn't work all that well for many NFS installations. I'm under the
impression that the core locking logic between writers and/or readers
hasn't changed in a significant way between Lucene 1.4 and 2.0 (?). I
guess this means NFS is still problematic ?

We are considering a model where a single node updates the search index
according to changes in the repository (only one physical index for the
entire cluster) while multiple other nodes can search the very same
index over NFS (read-only). But I guess there is a need for a single
lock-directory shared and writable between all nodes, and that this
makes NFS-usage difficult ?

The reason we are thinking about NFS is that it's well supported in our
network/IT infrastructure, and we have many network/*nix technicians
with years of experience with it.

Is there any feasible way of using NFS for distributed searching at all,
while avoiding the pesky locking problems ?

Perhaps someone on this list has some pointers to alternative ways of
doing things ? I don't think we have the option of using a different
network file system, though.

Thanks in advance for any replies !

Øyvind Stegard
USIT, University of Oslo
< Øyvind Stegard < oyvind stegard at usit uio no >

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