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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: discontinuous range query
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 01:35:45 GMT
Hi Tom,
The query you want is
name:[A TO C] name:[G TO K]
(each clause being SHOULD, or put another way, an implicit "OR" in between.

The problem may be how you analyze the name field... is it tokenized at all?
If so, you might be matching on first, last, and middle names, and the
combination of everything may match most of your documents.

-Yonik Solr, the open-source Lucene search server

On 10/4/06, Tom Hill <> wrote:
> Hi -
> I'm having a bit of trouble building a query to match a range of
> values in a field that is not continuous.
> For an example, say I want to find all people with last names
> starting with A-C, and G-K.
> If I use MUST on each element of the range, then I get nothing. This
> I think I understand, as if I require both A-C and G-K, no doc matches both.
> +name:[A TO C] +name:[G TO K]
> But if I make both clauses SHOULD, I get back all the documents in my
> small test index, not just the ones that match either.
> name:[A TO C] name:[G TO K]
> Actually, if I do either piece with SHOULD, I get all the documents
> in the index, MUST gives me only the ones I expect.
> What does SHOULD really mean, precisely?
> And how do I query a discontinuous range?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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