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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Very high fieldNorm for a field resulting in bad results
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 17:52:50 GMT

: This should solve most of my heartache.
: Whats the suggested way to use this ? Copy a solr jar ? Or just copy
: the code for this 1 query ?

that's entirely up to you, it depends on what kind of source management
you want to have -- the suggested way to use it is to run Solr and use it
via the "dismax" request hanlder :)

: Are there plans to move this into lucene core ? (or contrib area?)

no existing plans, promoting stuff from the lucene sub-projects into
Lucene-Java seems to be a grey area at the moment.  I suspect if you
submited Jira patch that added the code to the lucene/java repository and
provided some standalone tests (most or the Solr tests rely heavily on
testing the behavior throughthe SolrCore) it would be considered.

: SynonymFilter, etc back into lucene, or would it be simpler for
: someone using java 1.5 to start using solr straight away.
: Are there any issues if I do decide to move to solr that I should be
: aware of ? (I am using lucene 2.0 as of now)

You don't need to use Lucene 1.5 to "use" Solr -- only if you want to
right custom request handlers.  the main question someone should ask when
deciding wether to use Solr is "Do i want a Lucene based Search Server
that takes care of the low level Lucene stuff for me, which i can query
over HTTP, and which i can write custom plugins for if i want to to modify
the high level behavior? ..."  (or so then check Solr out) "...Or do i
want a search library so i can embed the search functionality directly
into my application?" (in which case stick with "Lucene Java")


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