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From "lily yan" <>
Subject Re: ask for a question about Lucene
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 13:59:22 GMT
Hi Erick,

Thanks for your advice. I guess your suggestion is right. Maybe it's more 
proper that I only use SQL query for now.


>From: "Erick Erickson" <>
>Subject: Re: ask for a question about Lucene
>Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 20:00:07 -0400
>My gut feel is that, with 150 records, using Lucene is overkill. This
>assumes that your database already exists. You'd have to extract the data
>from the DB, store it in a lucene index, then worry about keeping them
>I'd suggest, though, that the fastest way to satisfy yourself about this
>would be to create some SQL queries by hand, submit them to your database,
>and measure your response time. You could get a fair idea of whether your 
>was fast enough just by this experiment.
>Hope this helps
>On 10/5/06, lily yan <> wrote:
>>Hello ALL,
>>i'm new to Lucene and wandering where i can start from Lucene? : )
>>basically my application is: when user input some keywords (can be more
>>one words) within an academic research site, the output will be the
>>researchers' academic interests.
>>there are will be a DB2 database that contains: (about 150 records in the
>>a.  researcher's name,
>>b. academic research interests (data type might be long varchar)
>>c.  research description (data type might be clob)
>>d. a field called keywords used for searching (data type varchar)
>>    etc...
>>a java program will do the search based on the user's input.
>>there will be two kinds of search: basic search and advance search based
>>user's choice
>>for basic search, the program will do search within the "keyword" field of
>>the database.
>>for advance search, the program will do search within the "academic
>>interests" field or
>>"research description" field of the database.
>>my questions:
>>1. if user choose to do basic search, does the program need use Lucene?
>>2. if user choose to do advance search, does  Lucene can be used to this
>>i mean will the datatype of the fields of the database matter if using
>>Lucene ? cause i will use both long varchar and clob.
>>3. is this a good idea that i choose use Lucene for my application
>>cause the database will only have 150 records.
>>4. if i don't use Lucene, then basically the program will just do a
>>exhustive search in the database, right?
>>Thanks again for answering my questions,
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