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From "lily yan" <>
Subject ask for a question about Lucene
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 23:54:02 GMT
Hello ALL,

i'm new to Lucene and wandering where i can start from Lucene? : )

basically my application is: when user input some keywords (can be more than 
one words) within an academic research site, the output will be the 
researchers' academic interests.

there are will be a DB2 database that contains: (about 150 records in the 

a.  researcher's name,

b. academic research interests (data type might be long varchar)

c.  research description (data type might be clob)

d. a field called keywords used for searching (data type varchar)


a java program will do the search based on the user's input.

there will be two kinds of search: basic search and advance search based on 
user's choice

for basic search, the program will do search within the "keyword" field of 
the database.

for advance search, the program will do search within the "academic research 
interests" field or

"research description" field of the database.

my questions:

1. if user choose to do basic search, does the program need use Lucene?

2. if user choose to do advance search, does  Lucene can be used to this 

i mean will the datatype of the fields of the database matter if using  
Lucene ? cause i will use both long varchar and clob.

3. is this a good idea that i choose use Lucene for my application scenario, 
cause the database will only have 150 records.

4. if i don't use Lucene, then basically the program will just do a 
exhustive search in the database, right?

Thanks again for answering my questions,


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