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From "Chris Lu" <>
Subject Re: Announcement: Lucene powering Monster job search index (Beta)
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 20:09:16 GMT
Hi, Peter,

Really great job!

I am interested to know how you implemented "4. Sort by 'Miles'". For
example, if starting from a zip code, how to match items within 20

Chris Lu
Instant Full-Text Search On Any Database/Application

On 10/27/06, Peter Keegan <> wrote:
> I am pleased to announce the launch of Monster's new job search Beta web
> site, powered by Lucene, at: (notice the
> Lucene logo at the bottom of the page!).
> The jobs index is implemented with Java Lucene 2.0 on 64-bit Windows (AMD
> and Intel processors)
> Here are some of the new features:
> 1. 'Improve your search by'...
> The job search results page allows you to browse and 'drill down' through
> the results by job category, status, type and salary. The number of matching
> jobs in each facet is displayed. There will likely be many more facets to
> browse by in the future.
> This feature is currently implemented with a custom HitCollector and the
> DocSet class from Solr.
> 2. 'More like this'
> Find more jobs like the one you see by clicking on the 'MORE LIKE THIS'
> link, which is visible when you hover the mouse over the job title.
> This feature is implemented with Lucene's term vectors and the
> 'MoreLikeThis' contribution class. If you are in 'detailed view', the term
> vectors from the job description are used. In 'brief' view, the job title's
> term vectors are used.
> 3. 'Related Titles'
> When you do a 'keywords' search, click on a 'related titles' link to filter
> you search by similar job titles.
> This feature is implemented via a separate Lucene.Net index.
> 4. Sort by 'Miles'
> Find jobs close to you via zip code/radius search. In the search results
> page, click on the 'Miles' column to sort the results by distance from your
> zip code/radius.
> This custom sorting feature is implemented via Lucene's
> 'SortComparatorSource' interface.
> 5. Search by date, salary, distance.
> Find jobs posted in the last day (or 2,3, etc) or by salary range or
> distance.
> Numeric range search is one of Lucene's weak points (performance-wise) so we
> have implemented this with a custom HitCollector and an extension to the
> Lucene index files that stores the numeric field values for all documents.
> It is important to point out that this has all been implemented with the
> stock Lucene 2.0 library. No code changes were made to the Lucene core.
> If you have any feedback regarding the UI, please use the link on the web
> page ("send us your feedback"). You can hit me with any other
> questions/comments.
> Peter

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