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From "Aigner, Thomas" <>
Subject Possible memory issue?
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 15:18:33 GMT
Howdy all,

	I have a issue with java running out of memory after the search
has been running for a while.  We are using 1.9.1 release and I check
the indexreader's version to determine if I need to get a new searcher
for searches (so I pick up any changes to the index).  I am seeing jumps
in memory for the first search after loads to the index.  After these
jumps the memory does not come back down after a load has taken place..
more loads = more memory consumed until we eventually run out.  Is it
possible that this is a bug with lucene caching the memory from the last
search and creating memory for the next search?  Is there a way to tell
lucene to drop it's cached memory if that is the case?  

	Has anyone come across this possible problem with multiple sort

Ex.  Java memory before loads hovers around 110M and about half of it
	Many searches take place, memory stays relatively the same
      Then	Load takes place
	Next search uses 192M memory with 80Meg free..  

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