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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: FieldSelectorResult instance descriptions?
Date Sun, 08 Oct 2006 10:55:35 GMT
Le Dimanche 08 Octobre 2006 09:36, Chris Hostetter a écrit :
> there aren't any javadocs for the static instances of FieldSelectorResult,
> and the javadocs for FieldSelector.accept suggest that it returns a
> boolean ... can someone fill in the blanks about what the various
> constants are suppose to mean?

If you read the entire source as I did, I becomes clear ! :)
The interesting code is in FieldsReader.

> LOAD seems obvious, NO_LOAD seems relatively clear .... the exact meaning
> of LAZY_LOAD is something i'd like to clarify (so i might as well go for
> broke and ask about LOAD_AND_BREAK and LOAD_FOR_MERGE too).

LOAD : normal load of the field (the default behaviour)
NO_LOAD : skip the field, it's value won't be available
LAZY_LOAD : do not load the field value, but if you request it later, it will 
be loaded on request. Note that it can be lazy-loaded only if the reader is 
still opened.
LOAD_AND_BREAK : load the field value, and don't load the next fields of the 
LOAD_FOR_MERGE : internal use when merging segments: it avoids uncompressing 
and recompressing data, the data is merged "binarily".


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