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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Example question
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2006 21:16:57 GMT

: lucene-2.0.0/src/demo/org/apache/lucene/demo/ (line 147)
: I am not sure where they are getting the "path". How are they inserting it
: into the index?
: Basically, I am trying to index the contents of the files, and the
: filesystem written date. Therefore, I started to create an index, but I am
: having no luck in either. I have simply been using the example indexing :-(

Have you read through the "Getting Started" guide that refers to this demo
code? ...

...have you taken a look at the files i already mentioned which are used
to build the indexes in the demo code?   If you follow along with the
Getting Started guide it should be pretty clear how the "path" of the
files get into fields.

: > : > > the Index code, there is no mention of "path". My question are:
: > : > > what is this
: > : > > path (I know it prints out the filesystem path)? Is this a reserved
: >
: > ...both HTMLDocument and FieldDocument (the classes used to build the
: > indexes for the demo code) do in fact crete fields named "apth" .... hence
: > i am stumped as to what exactly you are looking at.


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