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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Phrase search using quotes -- special Tokenizer
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 17:55:36 GMT

: So, if I do as you suggest below (using PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper with
: StandardAnalyzer) then I still need to enclose in quotes the phrases
: (keywords with spaces) when I issue the search, and they are only returned

Yes, quotes will be neccessary to tell the QueryParser "this
is one chunk of text, passs it to the analyzer whole" - but that's so you
can get the "compelx" part of the problem you described... recognizing
that "my brown-cow" and "red fox" should be matched as seperate values
intead of trying to find one big vlaue containing "my brown-cow red fox"

: in the results if the case is identical to how it was added?  (This seems to
: be what I observe anyway.  And whether I add as TOKENIZED or UN_TOKENIZED
: seems to have no effect.)

1) wether case matters is determined enitrely by your analyzer, if it
   produces differnet tokens for "Blue" and "BLUE" then case matters
2) use TOKENIZED or your Analyzer will be completely irrelevant
3) if you observse something working differently then you expect, post the
  code -- we're way pastthe point of being able to offer you any
  meaningful help without seeing a self contained example of what you want
  to see work.


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