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From Bill Taylor <>
Subject Does anyone know of software for handling English plurals, "ing," etc?
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 02:41:05 GMT
I am developing a program to search indexed documents.  To make the 
search more effective, I am trying to automatically search for plurals, 
words in ending in "ing," verbs ending in "ed," etc.

For example, if someone types "run" into the search box, AND the index 
also has runs and running, I would like to offer the user the option of 
including those terms as well.  If there is no "running" in the index, 
the software would not include it.

Similarly, there is walk and walked, battery and batteries, wake and 
waking, and other such.

I can't POSSIBLY be the first person to have wanted to do this.  Does 
anyone know of software for detecting such combinations in English?

Rumor hath that Google does this sort of thing without telling you; 
that;'s one way they can find millions of hits.

Thanks in advance,

Bill Taylor

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