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From Yura Smolsky <>
Subject Re[2]: how to enhance speed of sorted search
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 15:00:34 GMT
Hello, Aviran.

but searcher.explain returns that idf's and scores were still counted.
correct me if i am wrong.

MAENN> AFAIK when you sort Lucene does not calculate the relevance score.

MAENN> Aviran

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MAENN> From: Yura Smolsky [] 
MAENN> Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 4:39 AM
MAENN> Subject: how to enhance speed of sorted search

MAENN> Hello, java-user.

MAENN> I have a set of documents with two fields:
MAENN> 1. "summary" which is tokenized, stored. it contains some text 2.
MAENN> "date", which is untokenized, stored. it contains seconds from epoch
MAENN> aligned to the right and padded with zeroes on the left

MAENN> I perform searches which are sorted by "date" field.
MAENN> my query is phrase one - summary:"some text bla bla"
MAENN> my sort is SortField("modified", SortField.INT, True)

MAENN> I don't need to sort documents using "summary" field by relevance. I
MAENN> think that by default Lucene spends some operations to score documents
MAENN> using query.

MAENN> Is there any way to speed up queries? Maybe should I replace query with
MAENN> filter?

MAENN> The problem that I have very big index, like 80 Gb and I have a lot of
MAENN> different queries (about 480 per minute).

MAENN> Yura Smolsky

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Yura Smolsky,

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