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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Caused by: The handle is invalid
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 22:24:02 GMT
Van Nguyen wrote:
> I'm running this on Windows 2003 server (NTFS).  The Java VM version is
> 1.5.0_06.  This exception is not consistent, but it is not intermittent
> either.  It does not throw it at any particular point while rebuilding
> the index, but it will throw this exception at some point (it could be
> 1/3 way through... or it could be 95% done).  
> At first... I thought I might have a bad sector somewhere on my hard
> drive, so I partitioned a hard drive (known to be good) to be only
> 500mb... knowing this particular index is only 250mb.  Using the server
> version of the jvm.dll will cause this error somewhere during program.
> Using the client version, it builds w/o any errors.

I am at a loss on this one.

That function that writes the segments file is quite simple -- it opens 
a "", writes a smallish number of bytes, then closes it, 
then renames it to "segments".  Your exception happens in the close (in 
a finally clause).  I don't get why server version of the JRE would do 
this but the client version would not.

Do you have any interesting customizations in how you are using Lucene?


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