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From markharw00d <>
Subject Re: how to get results without getting total number of found documents?
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 22:34:33 GMT
 >>- get the top 1000 results WITHOUT executing query across whole data set

(Apologies if this is telling something you are already fully aware of ) 
- Counting matches doesn't involve scanning the text of all the docs so 
may be less expensive than you think for a single index. It very quickly 
looks up and ranks only the docs containing your search terms so a total 
match count is not an expensive by-product of this operation - see a 
description of inverted indexes for more details:

If you're aware of all that and considering larger scale problems 
(billions of docs) where multiple machines/indexes must be queried in 
parallel things are more complex. The cost of combining result scores 
from multiple machines is typically why you can't page beyond 1000 
results. Some of these large distributed  architectures will divide 
content into popular/recent content and older/less popular content. 
Approximations for total number of matching docs are calculated based on 
queries executed solely on the subset of popular stuff. Only queries 
with insufficient matches in popular content will resort to querying the 
older stuff.


Vladimir Olenin wrote:
> Hi.
> I couldn't find the answer to this question in the mailing list archive.
> In case I missed it, please let me know the keyword phrase I should be
> looking for, if not a direct link.
> All the 'Lucene' powered implementations I saw (well, primarily those
> utilizing Solr) return exact count of the number of documents found. It
> means that the query is resolved across the whole data set in precise
> fashion. If the number of searched documents is huge (eg, > 1billion),
> this should present quite a problem. I wonder if that's the default
> behaviour of Lucene or rather the frameworks that utilize it? Is it
> possible to:
> - get the top 1000 results WITHOUT executing query across whole data set
> - in other words, can Lucene:
>   - chunk out top X results by 'approximate' fast search, which will
> return _approximate_ total number of found documents, similar to
> 'Google' total pages found count
>   - and perform more accurate search within that chunk
> Is such functionality built in or it has be customized? If it's
> built-in, what algorithms are used to 'chunk out' the results and get
> approximate docs count? What classes should I look at?
> Thanks!
> Vlad
> PS: it's pretty much the functionality Google has - you can't get more
> than 1000 matches per query (meaning, you can get even '10M' documents
> found, but if you'll try to browse beyond '1000' results, you'll get an
> error page).

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