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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Possible exceptions using IndexReader & IndexWriter
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 16:39:16 GMT
Jason Polites wrote:
> I've also seen FileNotFound exceptions when attempting a search on an index
> while it's being updated, and the searcher is in a different JVM.  This is
> supposed to be supported, but on Windows seems to regularly fail (for me
> anyway).

Note that this use case (accessing one shared Lucene index from
different JVMs even on different machines) is supposed to work, but
there are known issues on certain platforms/filesystems.

For example, see this post for recent progress on intermittent file
renaming errors some people hit on Windows:

And see this for progress on getting Lucene to work over NFS (and
likely other remote filesystems):

And finally we are working on small changes to Lucene's file format so
that the commit lock (a source of quite a few issues) is not necessary
("lock-less commits"), to prevent the various problems people have
with locking (and NFS!):

We would like to the bottom of all such low-level robustness cases so
if you are hitting unexplained exceptions that don't seem to fit into
one of these three cases (windows renaming errors; nfs errors; locking
errors) please reply to this!  Thanks.


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