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From Steven Rowe <>
Subject Re: Versions
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 15:05:45 GMT
Hi Luis,

Chris Hostetter wrote:
> Luis Rodrigo Aguado wrote:
> :     I've been looking through the documentation in the official
> : web-site, and the Javadoc belongs to v2.1, that I could not find
> : anywhere, anyone has a clue about where to find it or when will it be
> : officially released?
> the javadocs on the website are for the current HEAD of in the source
> control repository ... they represent the hypothetical 2.1 release if it
> were released *now*.  There is no current plan for if/when 2.1 will be
> released.

The trunk (a.k.a. "HEAD") is quite stable and usable (with *both* 1.4
and 1.5 JVMs) as it is right now.  You can download a nightly trunk
build (roughly corresponding to the "2.1-dev" javadocs you see on the
website) here:


The next release will be 2.1.0, unless bugfixes are applied to the 2.0.0
release, and then released as 2.0.1, but this now looks pretty unlikely
-- see the (long-unacted-on) 2.0.1 release proposal on the java-dev
mailing list here:


In a recent (and long-running) discussion about moving the minimum
supported JVM version from 1.4 to 1.5, it was proposed that the 2.1
release be the point at which Lucene makes this switch.  The most recent
proposal on the subject by Doug Cutting, the Lucene FCG (founder and
chief guru), however, is that Java Lucene would switch to supporting
Java 1.5 features when a GCJ release supports those features, so the
Lucene 2.1 release may not be the target for switching to Java 1.5; see:


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