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From "Eduardo S. Cordeiro" <>
Subject Search with accents
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 21:39:48 GMT
Hello there,

I have a brazilian portuguese index, which has been analyzed with
BrazilianAnalyzer. When searching words with accents, however, they're
not found -- for instance, if the index contains some text with the
word "maçã" and I search for that very word, I get no hits, but if I
search "maca" (which is another portuguese word) then the document
containing "maçã" is found.

I've seen posts in the archive indicating that I should use
ISOLatin1AccentFilter to handle this, but I don't quite see how:
should I leave indexation as it is and use this filter only for search
queries or should I apply it in both cases?

Thank you,
Eduardo Cordeiro
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