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From Robert Watkins <>
Subject Re: Test new query parser?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 21:43:17 GMT
Mark --

Don't lose hope! We are migrating from Verity to Lucene, and I know for
a fact that we will have to support the kind of complex queries you talk
about; maybe not /quite/ as complex as your magnificent:

> cop | fowl & (fowl | priest & man) ! helicopter ~8 (hillary | tom)

but certainly more complex than I have been able to solve.

We can also take heart in that Verity hasn't quite cracked it either. In
trying to see exactly what I needed to support I was doing some
experiments against known data and discovered that Verity has some
parsing bugs that do not reveal themselves easily. For example:

   title:  "get me out of here, please"
   queryA: title:((here OR there) NEAR/2 please)
   queryB: title:(there OR here) NEAR/2 please)

In theory both queries should find the example title, but only queryB
works with Verity, so something is wrong.

-- Robert

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