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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Indexmodifier optimize
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 23:36:42 GMT
:   I added one record to the index and did flush(), optimize() and close() in that order.
:   I had one index file _twca.cfs. After the inserting the document and doing optimization,
I have two index files _twca.cfs and _twcf.cfs (both approx. same size) and deletable file
having entry for _twca.cfs.
:   Can anyone help me what could be the problem.

this isn't really a problem -- it's the expected behavior in Windows,
where the OS won't let the JVM dleete files that are open (or if i recall
collectly: were closed very recently) ... to deal with this problem,
Lucene makes a note of the file and the next time it's doing
"housekeeping" it tires again to delete it.

(i don't remember when exactly the housekeeping is, but if someone else
knows off the top of their head, it would probably be worthwhile to add
"Why do i have a deletable file after optimizing my index?" to the FAQ
with an explanation including when exactly Lucene will try again)


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