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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: Poor performance "race condition" in FieldSortedHitQueue
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 07:02:41 GMT
Hi Otis,

I think that synchronizing the entire method would be an overkill - instead
it would be sufficient to synchronize on a "by field" object so that only
if two requests for the same "cold/missing" field are racing, one of them
would wait for the other to complete loading that field.  I think there is
no need to that a lookup() for field2 would wait while a different field1
is being loaded.  I am not sure if IO wise it makes sense to serialize the
loading of two different fields (i.e. the case that both field1 and field2
are not in the readerCache), I would prefer not to.
One fast way to do this, for testing performance impact in Oliver's test
case, would be to sync on the interned field name. as follows:

  public StringIndex getStringIndex (IndexReader reader, String field)
  throws IOException {
    field = field.intern();
    synchronize(field) {  // < ----------- line added
      Object ret = lookup (reader, field, STRING_INDEX, null);
      if (ret == null) {
         final int[] retArray = new int[reader.maxDoc()];
         ... load field to cache ...

This way only requests for (loading) the same field would wait. But for the
working code, it wouls be better to maintain a by-field (and by-reader)
object to avoid messing up with a system wide string - who knows who else
is synchronizing on it...

Hope this makes sense,

Otis Gospodnetic <> wrote on 08/08/2006 21:07:41:

> Hi Oliver,
> I think Yonik simply misunderstood you in that earlier email.
> Have you tried modifying that FieldSortedHitQueue class and making
> the appropriate method(s) synchronized?
> It sounds like that would fix the issue. If it does, please let us know.
> Otis
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> Sent: Tuesday, August 8, 2006 2:05:36 AM
> Subject: Poor performance "race condition" in FieldSortedHitQueue
> Hey all, just want to run an issue that I've recently identified while
> looking at some performance issues we are having with our larger
> indexes past you all.
> Basically what we are seeing is that when there are a number of
> concurrent searches being executed over a new IndexSearcher, the quite
> expensive ScoreDocComparator generation that is done in the
> FieldSortedHitQueue#getCachedComparator method ends up executing
> multiple times rather the ideal case of once. This issue does not
> effect the correctness of the searches only performance.
> For my relatively weak understanding of the code the core of this
> issue appears to lie with the FieldCacheImpl#getStringIndex method
> which allows multiple concurrent requests to each generate their own
> StringIndex rather than allowing the first request to do the
> generation and then blocking subsequent requests until the first
> request has finished.
> Is this a know problem? Should I raise this as an issue or is this
> "expected" behaviour. A solution would naturally require more
> synchronization than is currently used but nothing particularly
> complex.
> Thanks,
> Oliver
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