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From "Dragon Fly" <>
Subject Re: Field compression too slow
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 12:19:36 GMT
Mike, which version of Lucene supports lazy loading? Thanks.

>From: Michael McCandless <>
>Subject: Re: Field compression too slow
>Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 06:59:58 -0400
>>I can share the data.. but it would be quicker for you to just pull out 
>>random text from anywhere you like.
>OK, I hear you.  I'll pull together some test data ... thanks.
>>Also.. upon reflection I'm not certain using compression inside the index 
>>really a valuable process without lazy loading anyway.  The time-cost of
>>decompression when iterating hits reduces the overall effectiveness of the
>>index.  This is obviously solved by lazy loading (for searches) and I am
>>excited about this feature being added.  Obviously it depends on the
>>use-case, but in mine I realised that storing large amounts of data in the
>>index is just not the right way to do things.  So I changed my 
>>so that the larger amounts of data are stored (and compressed) elsewhere,
>>then brought back in when I need to update a document.
>>Of course all my problems would be solved if I had lazy loading AND field
>>updating :)
>Compleletely agreed!  Lazy loading & specific field selection on loading a 
>doc, have been addressed ... but field updating in the presence of 
>compressed fields hasn't yet been addressed (I think).  I'll raise this use 
>case on the java-dev list.
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