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From "Furash Gary" <>
Subject RE: Repeatable field names
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 16:45:07 GMT

I have a couple of fields like this (e.g., a given case can have 1:many
case numbers and 1:many defendant aliases).  So there's no problem with
adding the same field n times to a given document?  If so, that's
perfect and i'll add it to the faq.  I was concatenating before and
getting false matches.


From: Chris Hostetter []
Sent: Sun 8/13/2006 12:28 PM
Subject: Re: Repeatable field names

: subtitle. Can I simple add both fields with a field name title (this
: seems to work fine), or is it a better approach (for example more
: efficient) to concatenate both title and subtitle first and add them
: a single field to the index?

there's no reason to concatenate them unless you want to *store* them as
one long string (so you get the value back as a single string instead of
an array of two strings) ... i'm guessing you don't.  from a search
perspective the only difference is that with two values the
positionIncrimentGap method of your analyzer will be called, putting a
"gap" between the last word of hte title and the first word of hte
subtitle ... this can be usefull if you want to make sure that phrase
searches don't falsly match one word in the title and one word in the


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