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From "Paul Borgermans" <>
Subject Re: Linear search using reader vs. scorer implementation
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 20:41:29 GMT
Hi Mathias

I delved a bit further in the lucene docs and the book "Lucene in
action" (Ch 6.1, pp194-201): an alternative approach may be the use of
a custom sort with a dedicated implementation of the
SortComparatorSource, taking as arguments the array of vectors for
which a "distance" needs to be calculated.

As a custom sort operates on a single field, the three Lire vectors
should be encoded in a single fields as well (as far as I understand
the API).

The query could then be the MatchAllDocsQuery query (or for example a
keyword query for having a subset) combined with other filters which
limit the result to sort on even further.

I do not know the impact on performance though, this is still pure
theoretical and based on my (currently limited) understanding of
Lucene and Lire.

Best regards


On 8/8/06, Mathias Lux <> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm working in my spare time on Lire, a content based image retrieval
> library (searching for similar looking images in other words, see
> based on Lucene.
> As the cbir features are medium sized integer vectors I put them into
> fields, and read them with the IndexReader within a linear search
> through the whole index for matching: As soon as a query is issued
> (which is also an integer vector) I go through every doc, get the
> corresponding feature vector and calculate the distance (L1 or L2,
> depending on the type of feature).
> Do you have any idea if and how I could implement a linear search (L1/L2
> distance on integer vectors) using scorers, so that filters and other
> features can be used?
> regards,
>   Mathias
> ps. Yes I know that this is in general easy to implement within a
> database, which I have done for oracle, mysql and derby .... but people
> do want the lucene implementation and believe it or not: Lucene is super
>  fast for linear search -> THX to the lucene team ;)
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