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From "Marcus Falck" <>
Subject SV: addIndexes method without the merge
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 08:57:31 GMT

-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: Marcus Falck [] 
Skickat: den 16 augusti 2006 10:47
Ämne: addIndexes method without the merge



In my search engine (based on top of the lucene 1.4.3 api) I'm using one
RAMDir as a live indexing buffert and one FSDir as the main persisted


When the RAMDir buffert has been filled I'm adding those documents to
the FSDir and clear the RAMDir. 


At first I was iterating thru the RAMDir and added every document to the
FSDir. But that turned out to be very inefficient. So I tried to use the
addIndexes method but soon I realized that the addIndexes method will
always leave me with one optimized file ( as long as the maxMergeDocs
hasn't been reached ??).  Then I tried to do my own
addIndexesWithoutOptimize method which main purpose is to ALWAYS create
a new segment file for the directory added to it (and still merge at the mergeFactor). At
first this method
seemed to work but after a while I realized that this was not the case,
my method seems to do some minor screw up to the index.


So I'm wondering if somebody could help my do a new method?

Example 1:
Adding 50000 docs using the addIndexes
After 5000:
One 20 MB file
After 10000:
One 40 MB file.
After 15000:
One 60 MB file.

And so on... (very inefficient).

Example 2:
Adding 50000 docs using my addIndexesWithoutMerge
After 5000:
One 20 MB file.
After 10000:
2 x 20 MB files.
After 50000:
1 x 200 MB file.

Example 2 is how I want it. How can I accomplish this?





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