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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Proximity Query Parser
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 21:18:55 GMT
I am not a huge fan of the queryparser's syntax so I have started an 
open source project to create a viable alternative. I could really use 
some helping testing it out. The more I can get it tested the better 
chance it has of serving the community. The parser is called Qsol. I am 
right up against its initial release. So far it:

offers a simple clean syntax.
allows arbitrary combinations/nesting of proximity and boolean queries.
allows special date field processing (date searches can use a 
constantscore range filter).
other minor features ( like makeAllTermsFuzzy() to make your standard 
search a fuzzy search (would prob be god awful slow I know, but I have 
seen this option in MediaWare I think).

The first initial release (if I can get some people to take the plunge 
and help me test) will also include sentence/paragraph proximity search 
support and a goggle suggest/spell-check type function. I have roughly 
implemented both of these, but have not combined them into the parser yet.

I have set up a rough page with some sparse documentation for the parser 
at You can download the jar there.

A general query parser is such a pluggable part of Lucene that it would 
be really nice to have a few viable options. It seems that everyone that 
makes one keeps it proprietary (other than Surround). Help me push this 
thing to a 1.0 release! It is almost there. Try it out! Keep in mind, 
there are probably plenty of optimizations to be had in the future.

Below is a simple syntax explanation and some sample queries.

- Mark Miller

    Order of Operations

   1. '( )' *parenthesis* : me & (him | her)
   2. '!' *and not* : mill ! bucketloader
   3. '~' *within* : score ~5 lunch : use ord to only find terms in
      order : score ord~5 lunch
   4. '&' *and* : beat & pony
   5. '|' *or* : him | her

Spaces between terms default to & but this can be changed to |

*Escape* - A '\' will escape an operator : m\&m's

*Quotes* - an in-order phrase search with or without a specified slop : 
"holy war sick":3 | "gimme all my cake"

*Range Queries* - a query in the form: /beingword - endword/ will 
perform a range search. The default search is inclusive. For an 
exclusive search use '--' instead of '-' : creditcard[23907094 - 
23094345] | creditcard[23907094 -- 23094345]

*Wildcards* - * indicates zero or more unknowns and ? indicates a single 
unknown : old harr*t?n | kil?r

A wildcard query cannot begin with an unknown.

*Fuzzy Query* : a ` indicates the preceding term should be a fuzzy 
term : old carrot & devil` may cry

*Paragraph/Sentence Proximity Searching*

If you have enabled sentence and paragraph proximity searching then the 
'~' operator may also be used as '~3p' or '~5s' to perform paragraph and 
sentence proximity searches.

*Sample Queries:*

        example = "(good witch & "killa the willaw") ~4 scary ! man";
        expected = "+(+spanNear([allFields:good, allFields:scary], 4, 
false) -spanNear([allFields:good, allFields:man], 4, false)) 
+(+spanNear([allFields:witch, allFields:scary], 4, false) 
-spanNear([allFields:witch, allFields:man], 4, false)) 
+(+spanNear([spanNear([allFields:killa, allFields:willaw], 1, true), 
allFields:scary], 4, false) -spanNear([spanNear([allFields:killa, 
allFields:willaw], 1, true), allFields:man], 4, false))";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "beat` old magpie`";
        expected = "+allFields:beat~0.5 +allFields:old 
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

        example = "me \| the & test & hole";
        expected = "+allFields:me +allFields:test +allFields:hole";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

        example = ""test the big search":30 & me";
        expected = "+spanNear([allFields:test, allFields:big, 
allFields:search], 30, true) +allFields:me";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

        example = "me & fox & cop";
        expected = "+allFields:me +allFields:fox +allFields:cop";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "date[8/5/82]";
        expected = "date:19820805";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

        example = "date[> 12/31/02]";
        expected = "ConstantScore(date:[20021231-})";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

        example = "date[< 03/23/2004]";
        expected = "ConstantScore(date:{-20040323])";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "date[3/23/2004 - 6/34/02]";
        expected = "ConstantScore(date:[20040323-20020704])";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "field1,field2[(search & old) ~3 horse]";
        expected = "(+spanNear([field1:search, field1:horse], 3, false) 
+spanNear([field1:old, field1:horse], 3, false)) 
(+spanNear([field2:search, field2:horse], 3, false) 
+spanNear([field2:old, field2:horse], 3, false))";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

        example = "field1[search | old ~3 horse]";
        expected = "(field1:search spanNear([field1:old, field1:horse], 
3, false))";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

        example = "meat & old cleaver | mike ~3 (dirty man)";
        expected = "(+allFields:meat~0.5 +allFields:old~0.5 
+allFields:cleaver~0.5) (+spanNear([fuzzy(allFields:mike), 
fuzzy(allFields:dirty)], 3, false) +spanNear([fuzzy(allFields:mike), 
fuzzy(allFields:man)], 3, false))";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "goat-valley";
        expected = "spanNear([allFields:goat, allFields:valley], 1, true)";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "goat -- valley";
        expected = "allFields:[goat TO valley]";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "goat \\-- valley";
        expected = "+allFields:goat +allFields:valley";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "goat \\- valley";
        expected = "+allFields:goat +allFields:valley";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));
        example = "goat - valley";
        expected = "allFields:{goat TO valley}";
        assertEquals(expected, parse(example));

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